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Kitchen Fire Safety

This page provides useful advice for fire safety in the kitchen.

Over 50% of all fire in the home start in the kitchen. There are many hazards to consider, such as cookers, microwaves and other sources of intense heat.

General Safety in the Kitchen

  • Don't hang tea towels over a heat source Never put a lighted cigarette down except in an ashtray; empty in to a suitable container outside the building
  • Don't place oven gloves near to direct heat
  • Ensure all floor coverings are non slip
  • Keep detergents and chemicals in a safe place correctly labelled and out of children’s reach
  • Consider child-proof locks to prevent access by young children
  • Ensure all controls are switched off after cooking
  • Keep your cooker clean from fat and grease
  • Don't risk steam scalds by reaching over the kettle
  • Never leave hot liquids in easy reach of children
  • Don't dry clothes in the microwave
  • Never place metal, reflective or foil containers in a microwave - only use appropriate plastic or ceramic containers

Chip and Hot Oil Pans

  • Only fill pans 1/3 full with oil
  • Always dry chips before placing in pan


  • Never leave hot pans unattended, especially chip pans
  • Ensure the correct heat source is switched on
  • Don't leave pan handles sticking out from the cooker
  • Keep kitchen roll away from the cooker
  • Keep the oven door shut
  • Don't trail electrical leads across the cooker


  • Make sure electrical sockets are not loose and check that plugs are fused and wired correctly
  • Don't overload power sockets - one plug, one socket is safest
  • Don't place a plant pot or anything wet or damp on top of an electrical appliance
  • Don't allow electrical appliances or cables near water
  • Don't trail extension cables across the floor and check that the cable is in good order

Matches and Lighters

  • Keep matches and lighters out of the children’s reach and keep away from heat sources


  • Keep toasters away from curtains and clean out regularly

If you Discover a Fire

  • Get everyone out immediately
  • Close all doors behind you
  • Call the Fire & Rescue Service on 999. Any fire, or suspected fire, is an emergency!
  • Do not go back into the house until a fire officer has told you it is safe to do so

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