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Cemetery Rules and Regulations

This page contains details of the rules and regulations in place in all of the Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Cemeteries.

Applicable to the Cemeteries at Audley, Attwood Street, Chesterton, Keele, Knutton, Madeley, Newcastle and Silverdale (hereinafter called “the Cemeteries”).

Interpretation & Amendment

“The Council” means (unless the context otherwise requires) the Borough Council of Newcastle-under-Lyme and any person acting on its behalf and with its authority in the administration of these rules and regulations.

The Rules and Regulations shall, so far as applicable, apply with equal force and effect to all sections of the Cemeteries.

The Rules and Regulations are made under the Local Authorities and Cemeteries Order 1977 (as amended the Order) and are subject to the provisions of the Order and any consent or other requirements specified by the Order.

Cemetery Plans

Plans of each Cemetery, portraying the location of all graves, are kept at the Keele Cemetery Office and may be viewed by appointment during office hours free of charge.

Special Prohibitions

To be adhered to at ALL times:

  • Except in the funeral procession, no horse or vehicle will be admitted unless by special permission or permit of the Council (all vehicles must be driven at walking pace within the Cemeteries)
  • Cycles must not be ridden in the Cemeteries 
  • Prams and pushchairs must be in control of an adult
  • Children under the age of 12 years will not be allowed in the Cemeteries except under the care and control of any adult (18 years or over)
  • Users of the Cemeteries are requested not to walk on graves or memorials
  • Cemetery staff are not permitted to accept gratuities
  • The photographing of and funeral procession, grave, vault or memorial is not allowed within the Cemeteries without the consent of the Council’s Burial Authority Officers
  • The Council may at any time exclude from the Cemeteries any person: who shall conduct themselves in a noisy, disorderly or unseemly manner, who shall be under the influence of drink or drugs, who shall use improper language or refuse to comply with any of these regulations
  • No person shall be permitted to enter or leave the Cemeteries except by the proper entrance gates

Miscellaneous Items

All memorials must comply with the rules and regulations in place concerning the memorial removal, fixing and renovation within the Cemeteries. 

In the interest of safety to visitors and staff within the Cemeteries, and to avoid hindrance to maintenance work schedules and damage to maintenance equipment any memorial, decorative or breakable objects are not permitted on grave spaces. These include: glass, pottery, vases, statues, bottles, fencing/wirework, candles, lanterns, windmills, flags, toys, gravel, ornaments and memorabilia.

Small potted plants are permitted but must be kept within the individual grave space area and must not encroach on neighbouring grave spaces. Potted plants can be placed in the headborders and on cremated remains foundation slabs but must not be planted, either in the headborder or in the grave space area.

Any freestanding objects placed on or around memorials are left at the owners risk and the Council can take no responsibility for any damages or loss of these items

Any freestanding objects placed on or around memorials or left in the grave space area may be removed by Cemetery staff if they are found to be hazardous or to interfere with maintenance work schedules

This document is part of The Rules and Regulations made in relation to the Burial Grounds and Cemeteries at Newcastle-under-Lyme by the Council as Burial and Cemetery Authority.

A complete copy of all the Rules and Regulations is available on request at Keele Cemetery Office during office hours. 

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