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Mayors from 1700 to 1799

1699/00John Harrison
1700/01John Beard
1701/02William Baddiley (Died) William Lawton chosen (2nd time) for the remainder of the year
1702/03William Lawton (3rd time)
1703/04Francis Burton
1704/05Thomas Baddiley
1705/06Samuel Burgess
1706/07George Parker
1707/08Henry Hatrell
1708/09Henry Hatrell
1709/10Henry Hatrell.  Three years successively, in consequence of which an Act was passed in 1719 to restrain such elections. Vide Anne, Cap. 20
1710/11William Lawton (4th time)
1711/12William Lowe
1712/13Samuel Proctor
1713/14John Richards
1714/15John Fenton
1715/16John Swan
1716/17Thomas Burslem
1717/18James Taylor
1718/19S Proctor (2nd time) at Michelmas
1719/20Thomas Fenton
1720/21F Burton (2nd time)
1721/22John Hordern
1722/23Thomas Fletcher
1723/24Thomas Hart
1724/25Thomas Fenton (2nd time)
1725/26Godfrey Stubbings
1726/27Thomas Spendelow (Died 16 March) J Richards Elected for the remainder of the year
1727/28Thomas Machin
1728/29John Fenton (2nd time)
1729/30Thomas Burslem (2nd time)
1730/31Joseph Howlate
1731/32Ralph Audley
1732/33James Taylor (2nd time)
1733/34Thomas Lovatt
1734/35John Beckett
1735/36John Harrison
1736/37George Davison
1737/38John Hordern
1738/39Samuel Parsons
1739/40William Cartwright
1740/41William Terrick
1741/42Richard Brittain
1742/43William Ridgway    
1743/44John Sutton
1744/45Edmund Peerce
1745/46William Mason ( Died 23 March) George Davison Elected for the remainder of the year
1746/47John Bucknall
1747/48William Yates
1748/49John Bourne
1749/50Luke Bennett
1750/51William Sutton
1751/52Thomas Hillman
1752/53Nathaniel Beard
1753/54Thomas Hatrell (Son of H Hatrell 1707, 1708. 1709)
1754/55James Smallwood
1755/56Benjamin Adams
1756/57Thomas Swinnerton
1757/58Isaac Ford
1758/59John Bourne (2nd time)
1759/60Thomas Shaw
1760/61Thomas Price
1761/62Thomas Mason
1762/63Benjamin Swinnerton
1763/64Aaron Brown
1764/65Isaac Barron
1765/66William Hyatt
1766/67Imos Hillman (2nd time) Died in February, William Sutton elected for the remainder of the year
1767/68Nathaniel Beard Jnr (Son of N Beard 1752)
1768/69John Clowman
1769/70James Godwin
1770/71Thomas Fenton (Grandson of T Fenton 1719, 1724)
1771/72Joseph Adams
1772/73Francis Stanier
1773/74James Bourne
1774/75Blest Hadderton
1775/76William Beard
1776/77Richard Heath
1777/78John Bourne
1778/79William Fowler
1779/80William Malkin
1780/81William Edensor
1781/82John Massey
1782/83Richard Parrott
1783/84Joseph Mellard
1784/85Thomas Kinnersly
1785/86John Tilstone
1786/87William Watkiss
1787/88John Beckett
1788/89Thomas Bourne
1789/90Samuel Hatton
1790/91John Harding
1791/92Thomas Barbor
1792/93William Hyatt
1793/94Thomas Sparrow
1794/95Joseph Adams
1795/96Bernard Coomer
1796/97William Fowler (Son of W Fowler 1778)
1797/98John Hollins
1798/99Joseph Tilstone (Son of J Tilstone 1785)

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