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Mayors from 1900 to Present

1899/00William Needham Webster
1900/01Richard Bartlett-Mellard ( 3rd time)
1901/02Sir Alfred Seale Haslam Knt, M.P.
1902/03Sir Alfred Seale Haslam ( 2nd time)
1903/04Sir Alfred Seale Haslam ( 3rd time)
1904/05Richard Bartlett-Mellard ( 4th time)
1905/06Thomas Peake Heath (2nd time)
1906/07William Lowe Elliott
1907/08William Lowe Elliott
1908/09Sydney Myott
1909/10James Lovatt
1910/11Robert Cadwaller Trigger
1911/12Robert Cadwaller Trigger
1912/13William Mellard
1913/14William V’Alters Summers Gradwell Goodwin
1914/15William V’Alters Summers Gradwell Goodwin
1915/16William V’Alters Summers Gradwell Goodwin
1916/17William V’Alters Summers Gradwell Goodwin
1917/18William V’Alters Summers Gradwell Goodwin
1918/19William V’Alters Summers Gradwell Goodwin
1919/20William V’Alters Summers Gradwell Goodwin
1920/21Harold Washington Whitfield
1921/22Harold Washington Whitfield
1922/23Arthur Hassam
1923/24Arthur Hassam
1924/25Arthur Hassam
1925/26Ellis Roberts
1925/26Ellis Roberts
1927/28Robert Beresford
1928/29Robert Beresford
1929/30Robert Beresford
1930/31(April) Colonel the Rt.Hon Josiah Clement Wedgwood D.S.O., D.L., M.P. (enlarged Borough)
1931/32Colonel the Rt.Hon Josiah Clement Wedgwood
1932/33Sir Joseph Quinton Lamb M.P.
1933/34John Bentley
1934/35John Bentley
1935/36Sydney Myott (2nd time)
1936/37Sydney Myott (3rd time)
1937/38Tom Oliver Harper
1938/39George Amson Heywood
1939/40Ronald Milne Ford M.A.
1940/41Ronald Milne Ford M.A.
1941/42Ronald Milne Ford M.A.
1942/43James Kelly
1943/44John Horace Ramsbotham
1944/45John Horace Ramsbotham
1945/46Francis Thomas Brant
1946/47Francis Thomas Brant
1947/48(May) William Allen Knowles
1948/49William Allen Knowles
1949/50William Evanson
1950/51Clarence George Mothershaw
1951/52Clarence George Mothershaw
1952/53Edward Bond
1953/54Edward Bond
1954/55Ethel Shaw (Miss)
1955/57Norman Ford Bradshaw (2 years)
1957/60William Eric Welsby (3 years)
1960/61Thomas Bethell
1961/63Charles Sydney Whalley (2 years)
1963/64Thomas Bethell (2nd time)
1964/65Benjamin Guy Vernon
1965/66Frederick Norman Salmon
1966/68Denis Proctor (2 years)
1968/70Frederick Norman Salmon (2nd & 3rd time)
1970/72William Nixon (2 years)
1972/73Charles Edward Mitchell
1973/74Reginald George Lane
1974/75Malcolm John Clarke BA (Hons)
1975/76William Eric Welsby
1976/77Derek Brian Westrup
1977/78James Thomas Shipley
1978/79George Alfred Poole
1979/80Harold Cork
1980/81John Joseph Beech
1981/82Ethel Mayer
1982/83Victor Clifford Finnemore
1983/84Thomas Bethell
1984/85Terence Naylor
1985/86Marion Platt MBE
1986/87William Hughes
1987/88Roy Dean
1988/89Henry Broad
1989/90Joseph Harry Matthews
1990/91Jack Whalley
1991/92Betty Cox
1992/93John Lockett
1993/94Elsie Ashley OBE, JP, M Univ (Keele)
1994/95Elizabeth Caddy JP
1995/96Betty Sumnall
1996/97George O’Kane Cairns
1997/98Albert Arthur Clarke
1998/99Betty Blaise
1999/00Betty Blaise
2000/01Sylvia Teresa Butler
2001/02Gillian Williams
2002/03John MacMillan
2003/04Raymond Andre Slater
2004/05Freda Dorothea Myatt
2005/06Colin Brooks
2006/07William “Bill” Sinnott
2007/08David Clarke
2008/09John Cooper
2009/10Marion Reddish

Ann Heames

2011/12Trevor Hambleton
2012/13David Becket
2013/14Edward "Eddie" Boden

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