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Landscape Development Guidance

The Borough Council, inline with national planning guidance and local planning policies, seeks to make certain that appropriate protection and enhancement of its rural and urban landscape is established, whilst meeting the needs of the development.

Information Required

In order for landscape issues to be assessed, the information should include but not be exclusive to, the following:

  • Plans / Drawings showing existing landscape features, including existing levels.
  • If there are trees on or adjacent to the site, tree information, and surveys to BS5837:2005 must be submitted.
  • Plans / Drawings shows proposed landscape features / design, showing any proposed changes in levels.
  • Planting plans with detailed planting schedules, including but not exclusive to the following species, size, density, planting numbers, root protection and container size.
  • Details for any temporary construction related works, like locations of cabins / temporary access and roads, etc.
  • Services / Utilities, underground service runs, etc.

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