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Complaints about a Food Premises

The Environmental Health Food and Safety Team investigate complaints about food purchased or complaints about food premises within the Newcastle under Lyme area where the issues relate to food safety.

The level of investigation will depend upon the nature of the complaint, the risk posed to health, the professional judgment of the investigating officer and previous knowledge of similar complaints.

These may include:

  • Sightings of vermin or pests on food premises 
  • Poor levels of cleanliness 
  • Poor food handling practices

The investigation of the complaints are carried out to:

  • Safeguard public health 
  • Ensure manufacturers, caterers, retailers, and other food businesses are preparing and serving food as safely and hygienically as is practically possible. 
  • Try and prevent the problem recurring

If you are concerned about food handling practices or standards of cleanliness, in any food business within the Borough, you can make a complaint by reporting the issues to the Council either by our online form or by contacting the Food and Safety Team.

All complaints are dealt with anonymously and once a complaint has been received an authorised officer from the food safety team will investigate the complaint and let the complainant know of the outcome of the investigation.

For more serious complaints, the Council may take court action in which case the complainant may be required to give evidence in court.

For further information please contact the Food & Safety Team

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