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Sources of Complaints We Cannot Investigate

The Environmental Protection Team can only investigate matters that they have legal powers to do so. There are some activities that are specifically exempt from the legislation that we deal with, below are some of these matters that we cannot investigate, this list is not exhaustive. However, where there is another Authority that may be able to assist with your complaint they have been detailed, where they are available.

The matters that the Environmental Protection Team has no regulatory control over are detailed below:

Aircraft & Helicopter noise
Complaints about noise from private aircraft taking off and landing from should be made to the owners. Click here for more information.

Military Aircraft
Complaints may be made to Ministry of Defence Secretariat (Air Staff) 2B or directly to RAF Shawbury.  Click here for more information.

Road safety, roadwork’s and road maintenance including dropped manhole chambers, potholes surfacing, salting, gritting, street lighting, blocked drains on the roads and roadside trees are the responsibility of Staffordshire County Council. To report any complaints please contact CLARENCE on 0800 232323 or

Transport noise
Information is available from the Environment Agency and also the Highways Department at Staffordshire County Council.  Click here for more information.

Dust from domestic premises
Dust originating from domestic premises, for example from repointing work or building work is specifically exempt from the legislation. However where this is being carried out by a business, the Health and Safety Executive may be able to intervene. Click here for more information.

Cooking and Other Odour from Domestic Premises
All odours from domestic premises are specifically exempt from the legislation, therefore these matters cannot be investigated or actioned.

Insects from Farm Land
Complaints regarding insects emanating from farm land are exempt from the legislation and therefore these matters cannot be investigated or actioned.

There may however be planning conditions relating to light which can be investigated by the Council's Planning Enforcement Officer. Click here for more information.

Interference with Television Reception
Further information and investigation can be undertaken by OFCOM.  Click here for more information.

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