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Hosting Events in Newcastle-under-Lyme Parks and Open Spaces

An outdoor event is any activity not recognised as normal use of the public park or open space and is usually attended by a group of people.

Hosting an outdoor event:

To host an outdoor event you will need to plan early and gain permission from Newcastle Borough Council writing to:

Executive Director - Operational Services
Civic Offices
Merrial Street
Newcastle under Lyme

You will also require:

  • Temporary Event Notice or Event License
  • Risk Assessments
  • First Aid Provision
  • Health and Safety Documents
  • £5million Public Liability Insurance to cover the specific event

Approval will only be given once all the above documentation has been inspected and approved.

Licenses – a new Licensing Act 2003 came into force on 24th November 2005.  you will be required to obtain a licence if your event contains music, dance or alcohol.  For more information call our Licensing Section on 01782 742224.

Choosing a Venue

With more than 667ha of parks and open spaces in Newcastle-under-Lyme there are plenty of places to choose from.  These include Clough Hall Park at Kidsgrove, Brampton Park at Newcastle, Lyme Valley at Clayton, Birchenwood Country Park at Kidsgrove, The Wammy at Knutton and other similar venues across the Borough.

Types of events can include barbeques, charities and fundraising, funfairs, fireworks displays, sports events etc.

What to do if you are planning a bonfire:

Bonfires are not permitted on council land without prior written approval. Those persons who wish to seek approval should contact Mr S Middlehurst on 742500

If you wish to hold a bonfire on private land you should seek health and safety advice from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service on 01785 898751 .

If you are planning a bonfire it is important that you follow the following advice to protect yourself and others against any of the above.

• Burn dry material only
• Do not burn household rubbish, such as plastic, foam, paint or rubber
• Do not use old engine oil, meths or petrol to light the fire
• Do not light bonfires on damp, still days, or when the wind is likely to blow smoke over roads or neighbours gardens
• Do not have a bonfire when people nearby wish to spend time in their gardens
• Do not leave bonfires unattended or smouldering

Bonfires can be a major nuisance to people for the following reasons:

• They produce smoke and ash
• They smell
• They affect air quality
• They may cause problems for people with asthma or chest conditions
• They can stop people spending time in their gardens, opening windows or hanging out washing
• They can be a fire hazard
• They can reduce visibility on roads and lead to accidents

If you are aware of a bonfire that is likely to cause a nuisance, is in a dangerous location or of bonfire rubbish that requires removal please contact 01782 742500.

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