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Barking Dogs

If a dog barks regularly and causes a significant disturbance to a neighbour the dog’s owner must take steps to resolve the problem.  If they fail to take appropriate steps they may be guilty of an offence under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and may face a fine.

Tell us:

  • Your Name, Address, and a contact telephone number
  • The address where the dog lives
  • A description of the dog,
  • The nature of the problems which the barking is causing

We will advise you of the reference number of your report, which you should quote if you contact us again about this matter.

If you wish to make a complaint about a barking dog please contact us by calling 01782 742571.

How we investigate Complaints

  • Officers will visit the owner of the dog to establish if there is a valid complaint and to ascertain reasons why the dog is barking excessively. 
  • We advise the owner of their legal duties, and offer practical help and advice. See our hints and tips sheet for practical advice.
  • We will make a series of visits to see if we can witness the problems first hand
  • We will advise the person making the complaint of the information they will need to gather – usually we provide record sheets to document this.
  • Where we have sufficient evidence to substantiate a Statutory Nuisance we will ensure that appropriate formal enforcement action is pursued.  We will advise you further if we reach this point
  • If no noise diary is returned within 8 weeks of the original complaint, the Authority will presume that the matter has been resolved and the complaint will be closed with no further action.

Fairness & Confidentiality

The Authority investigates complaints as an independent body. Both parties are our clients and we have a duty to treat both fairly, respecting privacy and where appropriate confidentiality.  We will not advise you of the discussions we have had with other parties.

Information received (your details) will not be released unless the Authority is required by law to do so.  Should enforcement action be taken your details will be made available to the Court.

Information Available

We have a guide to help dogs owners and those bothered by barking.  Download the guide here (PDF 532Kb).

You can download record sheets here (PDF 50Kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

My neighbour’s dog barks every day when the postman visits.  Is this a nuisance?

If the dog only barks for a short period, perhaps in response to a visitor, this is unlikely to be considered a Statutory Nuisance.

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