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Controls on Industrial Processes

These pages are intended to provide firms operating, or planning to operate, A2 or Part B installations and mobile plant with a guide to the steps they will need to take in order to obtain and comply with the necessary permit.

It is also designed to be of value to members of the public who have an interest
in industrial pollution control whether generally or in relation to a specific proposal or installation. The aim is to provide both a generalised introduction to the systems as well as a detailed summary for anyone who wants to know where to go for further information.

The various pages, and their content, are briefly described below and may be accessed using the links provided.

Environmental Permitting

Legislative background
Permits and Permit conditions
Regulatory Regimes

Activities & Installations

Which activities require a Permit
Installation and which operations are subject to the conditions of a Permit

Sources of Guidance, Assistance and Information
The Environmental Permitting Regulations
Sources of guidance regarding procedures
Sources of guidance regarding Best Available Techniques to prevent pollution for each industrial sector
Scales of Fees and Charges
Risk Assessment, fees and inspection frequencies
Free advice for businesses regarding the environment and legislation

Responsibilities of Permit Holders

Making changes to the way operations are carried out
Transfer of operations to a third party
Payment of fees
Risk Assessment
Reviews of the Permit
Offences and penalties

Downloads Application Forms

Downloadable application forms

Downloads Operator Tools

Various examples of records to be kept
Spreadsheets for use by operators using the Solvent Emission Directive reduction scheme
Spreadsheets for use by dry cleaners
Examples of written procedures

Public Registers

Where to find the public register relating to Environmental Permitting
What is contained within the register
Downloadable list of current installations regulated by Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council.

Points of Contact for Further Information

Correspondence address
Points of contact.

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