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Environmental Health - Housing

The Environmental Health - Housing team is part of the Regeneration & Development section which has responsibility to improve housing standards within the borough.  The team does this by ensuring that housing complaints are investigated, standards are enforced and by encouraging responsible Landlords.   We also assist people on low incomes to carry out repairs to their home.

What work do we cover?

  • Offer financial assistance to help owners carry out repairs to their homes
  • Inspect houses to ensure that they are not overcrowded or where requested, for immigration purposes
  • Respond to complaints, mainly from tenants, concerning disrepair and where necessary require the owner to carry out remedial works, or arrange for the completion of works by default.
  • Respond to complaints and inspect houses in order to prevent/abate nuisance affecting adjoining residents
  • Work to bring empty homes back into use
  • Receive and investigate complaints involving drainage associated with houses
  • Operate a private Landlord Accreditation Scheme to improve both the physical and management standards of the private rented sector.  This is a partnership initiative with the North Staffs Landlord Accreditation Scheme.  
  • Enforce standards in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s).  This includes bed-sits and hostels to ensure that the property meets the current standards, is properly managed and complies with current fire safety standards 
  • Inspect licensed caravan sites and ensure compliance with licence conditions including responding to complaints
  • Provide guidance and advice on home maintenance i.e. damp etc 

If you require any advice or guidance about any of the above please go to the relevant sections or telephone the Housing Services team on 01782 742543

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