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Electrical Safety in Rental Property

Over 30 people die and approximately 4,000 are injured because of accidents or fires caused by electricity every year.

Rented homes can be a higher risk environment when it comes to electricity due to a number of factors, including landlords’ confusion about where their responsibilities lie and how the different pieces of legislation apply to them.

Most landlords are probably aware that there is no legal requirement to supply an annual electrical safety certificate, as there is with gas.

However, a landlord is required by law to ensure that:

  • the electrical installation is safe when a tenancy begins
  • the electrical installation is maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy
  • any electrical appliance provided in the rented property is safe and has the CE marking.

The electrical installation refers to all the fixed electrical equipment in a property cables, sockets, switches, light fittings, fuse box, and wiring.

The Electrical Safety Council have produced a booklet to advise landlords what they need to do and put in place to ensure that the electrics in their rental property are as safe as possible - and that they have the relevant paperwork to prove this. The booklet by can be found by visiting the ESC website by following the useful links below.

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