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Development of the Borough, August 2007

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This report contains the results of a consultation exercise carried out on two developments in the Borough; the new cemetery and proposed Sports Village project.

This consultation focuses on what people think should be included in these two facilities, what they think of the current facilities and how they will access the facilities in the future.

The results were analysed by the Borough Council’s Corporate Improvement Team between July and August 2007.

Executive Summary

New Borough Cemetery

Facilities / Services
Over two thirds of respondents would prefer to hold a funeral / memorial service in a church / chapel of their choice.  Just over half of respondents think that family history records should be kept at the new site in Keele in the future.

Access / Transport
Respondents think that car parking and signs / information are the most important accessibility features to be included in the new cemetery.  Other accessibility features that respondents suggested included road signposts and easy access for the disabled.

Security / Safety
All security and safety measures were considered to be really important.  However when asked which security measure was of greatest importance, most respondents stated that this was gates on the entrances.  75 respondents also stated that there should be wardens patrolling the cemetery.

Respondents think that rainwater collection / recycling and making use of renewable / reclaimed materials are the most important sustainability features to be included in the new cemetery.  Other sustainability features that respondents suggested included compost bins and wind turbines.

Design / Visual Impact
Almost a third of respondents thought that semi-natural woodland would be the most important design feature to include in the new cemetery.  The most popular suggestion for other design features to include in the cemetery was seats / benches.

Future Leisure Provision

The Sports Village Project
Just over a third of respondents were aware of the Sports Village project.  Respondents think that a swimming pool is the most important facility to be included in the Sports Village.  Other facilities that respondents suggested included a café and running track.

Taking Part in Sport / Fitness Activities
Keeping fit and healthy is considered to be the most important reason for taking part in a sport / fitness activity.  The cost to use the facilities and lack of time are the most common reasons that stop or limit involvement in sports / fitness activities.

Around one in five respondents take part in team based activities and 27 respondents are members of a Borough Council run gym.

Travelling to Sports Facilities
Around four out of every five of respondents would most likely travel to a local leisure centre by car and about the same amount think that up to 20 minutes is a reasonable time to travel to a leisure centre.

Satisfaction with Current Provision
The Council run facilities that people rate the highest are the swimming pools.  The accessibility features that people are most satisfied with at Council run leisure facilities are footpaths, bus stops and signs / information.  Overall, respondents are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the existing sports and leisure facilities.

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