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Waste & Recycling Services, April 2006

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This report contains the results of a consultation exercise carried out on the Borough Council waste and recycling services.

The survey explored attitudes from two directions; an assessment of the current service and opinion on areas for future improvement.

The research was carried out to help assess how waste and recycling services should be provided in the future. In addition, it will be used to start ongoing monitoring of the services to establish where customers think the Borough Council is doing well and where it needs to improve. 

The results were analysed by the Borough Council’s Policy Review and Communications Department between March and April 2006.

Executive Summary

Satisfaction with current services
Panel members expressed a high level of satisfaction with the current household waste collection service followed by the kerbside recycling service, community recycling services and garden waste collection service. The most frequently made comment was a compliment on the quality of the weekly household waste collection service:

‘the council bin men provide a decent service each week and I hope that they continue to do so’.

Satisfaction with waste collection services and community recycling services is slightly higher now than it was in 2002 when the Panel were last surveyed about waste services .

Community recycling facilities
Most panel members also supported the provision of more community recycling facilities with suggestions that more materials, such as plastics and cardboard should be recycled. However, the respondents suggested that this should be a secondary priority with

 ‘resources being primarily concentrated on doorstep collections’.

Garden waste collection service
Those Panel members who received the garden waste collection were satisfied with the scheme and most Panel members who are not currently included would like to take part. Most would not, however, be prepared to pay any more for the service.

‘Why should we pay for it? Who makes all the profit from the waste collected which is then used as compost?’

Home composters
Nearly half of all Panel members own a composter and most said that it was provided by the Council. Some respondents would like advice on how to use it effectively. They also suggested that

‘the service be marketed more effectively to raise awareness’.

Support for new collection arrangements
Over half of all panel members supported a new way of providing the weekly service, incorporating collection of domestic waste one week and recyclables the next week.  This compares to one-third who said the same in 2002 when the Panel were last surveyed about waste services .

Most frequent comments included ‘concentrating resources on this service’ and ‘making it better’, with ‘improved containers’ and with a ‘wider range of materials recycled’.

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