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Decision notification

The applicant or agent will be notified in writing of the decision which will be one of the following:

  • permitted with reasons but no conditions. 
  • permitted with reasons but condition(s) to be complied with. 
  • refused, listing the reasons

It is important that the applicant or their agent study the decision notice as certain conditions require further matters to be submitted and approved before development can commence, e.g. materials to be used or landscaping details.
Failure to comply with such conditions could result in the Council taking legal action against the applicant.

If you are unhappy about a refusal or any condition attached, you should arrange to discuss the issues with the case officer before appealing against the decision. Where the application is refused, it may be possible to re-submit a revised scheme without payment of a fee.

Notes on how to appeal are always sent with a notice of refusal.  More details on how to appeal can also be found by clicking on 'The Decision and Appeals' on the left of this page.

Those submitting representations on applications will not be notified of the decision.  You can find out what the decision is by tracking applications online through the ‘Track, inspect and comment on an application’ page that can be access by clicking the tab on the left of this page.

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