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Consultation and Notification

The Borough Council must publicise all planning applications. The Council either publicise through the use of neighbour notification letters or by site notice, and in some cases where legally required the planning application will be advertised in the local press.  The full details of the methods that the Council have adopted to publicise planning applications are set out in the adopted Statement of Community Involvement which can be found on the Statement of Community Involvement webpage:
Neighbour notification:
The Council send out neighbour notification letters when the proposal is householder development, that is any development within the curtilage (garden) of a house such as extensions, garages, new driveways; where it involves the building of new houses providing the site area is less than 0.5 hectares or the number of houses are less than 10; or where the development involves a change of use.
Site notices:
All other applications for planning permission are publicised by the placing of site notices on road frontages and in the vicinity of application sites.
Press notices:
Certain types of application must, by law, be advertised in the press. We use the public notices sections of the Sentinel.
Depending on the location and the nature of the proposed development, the Council may be legally required to consult certain organisations, such as the Highway Authority, English Heritage, or the Environment Agency, and take their advice into consideration in making a decision on the planning application.  In other cases the council will seek the views of other departments

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