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A Guide to RSS

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication or RSS provides a way of customising the web to suit you.

You can decide what you want to keep up-to-date with, then using an RSS link will mean information will come to you.

RSS readers automatically pick up when a feed has been updated. This means that instead of having to visit a large number of sites regularly the reader will let you know when there is something new for you to look at.

Getting started with RSS feeds

To use RSS you will need to install an RSS Reader.  There are a variety of readers that are available, some of these are available free of charge.  Some readers install and remain active within your web browser such as Blog Bot ( and others run as a separate programme such as RSS Reader (

Once you have a reader installed you can now begin adding RSS feeds into it.  Depending on the type of reader you have you can drag and drop the URL of the feed into your reader or cut and paste the URL.

To add a Newcastle Borough Council feed to your reader use the URLs below or drag the RSS icon from the appropriate page into your reader.

News Feed -
Vacancies Feed -

What will Newcastle Borough Council’s RSS Feed Contain?

Newcastle Borough Council attempts to keep residents up-to-date with all news and events throughout the Borough, this has seen an increase in press releases that are published on the website.

Due to the increase in news it is quite possible that you may miss a story relevant to you.  The RSS feed will contain links to all new news stories and this will update as soon as they have been released.

We will continue to monitor the website and where we feel it is necessary we will add new sections to the RSS feed.

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