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Appeal Against a Parking Fine

You will need to appeal in writing within 14 days from the date the penalty charge notice was issued.

How do I appeal?


Use our challenge form

By Post

Write a letter that explains the reason you disagree with your penalty and give us a photocopy of any information that may support your case.

Please include your Penalty Charge Notice number, vehicle registration number and your address so that we can investigate and reply to you.

When we receive your information we will investigate your case and reply in writing - usually within seven working days.

Letters should be sent to:

Parking Services
PO Box 2994
ST4 9FG.

If I appeal will I still have to pay it?

If we accept the reasons for your appeal you will not have to pay the penalty. If we do not accept the reasons for your appeal, you have 14 days from the date of the rejection letter to take advantage of the 50% reduced rate fine as shown on the Penalty Charge Notice.

What if I do not pay or appeal the penalty?

If after 28 days the penalty is not paid or appealed, a document called a Notice to Owner is sent to the owner or keeper of the vehicle. They can either pay the fee or make a representation, which is heard by an independent adjudicator. Details of how to make a representation are on the back of the Notice to Owner document. The result of the representation will be sent in writing to the owner or keeper. 

What if the penalty is still not paid?

If we have not received payment or a representation after another 28 days we will issue a Charge Certificate and the penalty is increased by 50%. We will register the debt at the County Court Traffic Enforcement Centre and a Notice of Debt Registration will be sent to the owner or keeper. When they get this they can make a Statutory Declaration on oath and send this directly to the Traffic Enforcement Centre. Again if no payment or declaration is made then we will request permission to issue a warrant, which will be handed to the Bailiffs for recovery.

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