Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licences
Hairdressers and Inspection of Hairdressing Premises
Have Your Say
Hazardous Waste - Recycling and Waste
Health and Safety - Cooling Towers
Health and Safety - Starting a Business
Health and Safety - Accidents at Work
Hedge Cutting
Hedgerows and Tree Preservation
Help and Advice - Domestic Violence
High Hedges
Higher value procurement (over £50,000)
Hire of Football Pitches
Historic Buildings and Structures
Historic Parks and Gardens
Home Composting
Home Recycling
Homelessness - Facing Homelessness or Harassment
Hospitality - Business
House Numbering
Houses in Multiple Occupation – What is a HMO?
Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) - Applying for a Licence
Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Strategy
Housing Allowance
Housing Allowance - How Will The Allowance Be Calculated
Housing Allowance - Information for Landlords (Under Useful Links)
Housing Allowance - Rates
Housing Benefit
Housing Benefit - Appeals
Housing Benefit - Change of Circumstances
Housing Benefit - How Do I Make a Claim
Housing Benefit - How Will My Benefit Be Calculated?
Housing Benefit Calculator - Under Useful Links
Housing Disrepair in rented properties
Housing Enforcement
Housing Options and Advice
Housing Strategies and Policies
How to get to Newcastle-under-Lyme Town Centre
How to Make An Application - Building Control
How to Pay Business Rates
How to Pay Council Tax
How to tender for intermediate value contracts (£5,000 to £50,000)
How to tender for lower value contracts (up to £5,000)
How to Tender for Work, Goods and Services
How We Buy Goods and Services

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