Race Equality and Diversity
Ramsey Road Community Centre
Rateable Value - Business
Rates - Business
Rates - How to Pay
Rates Appeals
Recycling and Waste
Recycling and Waste - Request a Larger Bin
Recycling and Waste - Blue Box
Recycling and Waste - Collection Date Finder
Recycling and Waste - Garden Waste Subscription Service
Recycling and Waste - Garden Waste Bin / Sticker replacement information
Recycling and Waste - Garden Waste Bin / Sticker replacement request
Recycling and Waste - Green Box
Recycling and Waste - Household Waste - information about waste, containers and bins
Recycling and Waste - Lost or stolen household rubbish wheelie bin - order a replacement
Recycling and Waste - Need to Contact  Us
Recycling and Waste - New-build property order a set of recycling containers and a household rubbish bin​
Recycling and Waste - Red Box
Recycling and Waste - Report a missed bin collection
Recycling and Waste - Request a larger bin for your household rubbish 
Recycling and Waste - Request a recycling box, food caddies, or non-recyclable waste bin
Recycle - Cans, Tins and Foil
Recycle - Clothes and Textiles
Recycle - Glass
Recycle - Paper
Recycle - Plastics
Recycling at Home
Recycling - Newcastle Recycling Centre
Red Box - Recycling and Waste
Red Street Community Centre
Reduce Your Business Rates
Reducing Climate Change
Refuse - Dates of Collection
Refuse - Report Missed Bin Collection
Registering a Birth
Registering a Death - Tell Us Once
Registering to Vote
Registration of Food Businesses
Registration of Hairdressers and Inspection of Hairdressing Premises
Registration of Skin Piercing Activities and Inspection of Premises
Regulatory Committees
Re-homing Checks - Dogs
Relocating Your Business To Newcastle
Reporting Empty Homes
Report missed bin collection
Resident Parking Permit (External Link)
Responsible Authorities
Riding Establishments
Risk and Insurance - Making a claim against the council
Roads - Issues including damage, street lighting etc
Room Hire
Rubbish - Collection Day
Rubbish - Dispose of old beds/mattresses
Rubbish - Report Dumping of Rubbish or Fly-tipping 
Rubbish - Report Missed Bin Collection

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