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Disabled Persons Parking Bay

Disabled persons parking bays are markings to try and stop vehicles parking without displaying a Blue Badge.

Application Criteria

To apply for a disabled persons parking bay you need to meet the following criteria:

  • No off-street parking is available on the property, and it would not be possible for this to exist.
  • You should be unlikely to be able to park in a suitable location, close to your property, for most of the day.
  • You should usually be the driver of the vehicle. Sometimes this may be widened to include others if you have a permanent disability that places you at risk if left unattended for any length of time. In this case, the driver of the vehicle must also live at the address where the parking bay is to be provided.
  • Walking any distance, from your car to your property, is unacceptable. This will need to be assessed.
  • You must provide a copy of a Notice of Entitlement / Letter of confirmation of the required level of allowance. This is to ensure the marking is necessary and that you have a severe mobility problem.
  • There should be no existing waiting restrictions near your home.
  • A marking in the ‘turning head’ of a cul-de-sac is not appropriate. 

How Much Does it Cost

There is currently no charge for a disabled parking bay to be installed.

How to Apply 

Applying for a disabled person's parking bay service is provided by Staffordshire County Council - Parking Bay Application 

Last updated 27 July 2018

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