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Lyme Lottery

Your chance to take part and help a good cause starts here

There are two parts to the Lyme Lottery scheme. Local charities will be able to set up their own lottery page and will receive 50p in every pound spent by players using this method. A further 10p in every pound will go into a general good causes fund, with the remainder being put towards prizes, operating costs and VAT.

Players who do not wish to support a specific cause can still take part in the Lyme Lottery, with 60p of their ticket price going into the general good causes fund, which will be distributed by the Council.

Local voluntary, community and charitable organisations will be invited to register as good causes to benefit from the scheme and further information can be obtained from Irene Lee, Locality Action Partnerships Co-ordinator by e-mailing Irene Lee.

Tickets cost £1 with 60p going towards local organisations compared to just 28p in the pound for the National Lottery.

Draws are made weekly. The jackpot prize is £25,000 for a matching sequence of six numbers and other prizes include £2000, £250, £25 or three free tickets.


Last updated 31 August 2017

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