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Stronger and Safer Community Strategy

Creating stronger and safer communities is the key to developing a borough which is “prosperous, clean, healthy and safe” (as stated in the vision for Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council in its latest Council Plan).

The Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council Stronger and Safer Communities Strategy 2012-2020 aims to create a community centred around the council’s vision - a community that:

- is strong, resilient and supportive and encourages people to take responsibility for their own lives whilst supporting them through the difficult times
- is free from crime, disorder and danger
- lives, works and studies in areas which are organised, planned effectively and allow equal access to all services and facilities

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is working towards being a co-operative council, which means we are working together with our residents, partners and local organisations to collectively deliver the best we can using the resources we have.

This strategy sets out the main issues and drivers underpinning the work being done and planned by the Borough Council and its key partners in pursuit of delivering the vision and key objectives set out above. We believe that partnership working between councils and key partners such as health providers can produce great benefits for people.

In doing so, we aim to develop community capacity in the borough so they are better able to plan and develop approaches to identifying their own issues and priorities, deal with them in partnership with all public sector agencies and have the ability to react effectively to any issues they have to confront.


Last updated 3 December 2018

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