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Timber Posts Installation to Tackle Traveller Trespass

Timber posts are to be installed to prevent the illegal occupation of public open space in Clayton by travellers.

More than 100 posts will be installed to close off access from Earl’s Drive and Thirlmere Place and an additional 60 posts to prevent access from Kentmere Place.  

The scheme has been put together by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council as part of its management of the open space following a lengthy Illegal encampment by travellers in 2018.  

Leader of the Council, Simon Tagg, who is also a councillor for the Westlands area, where the green space is situated, has worked closely with officers on acquiring funding for the scheme. Cllr. Tagg also made a contribution to the project of £1,840, from Staffordshire County Council’s ‘Local Community Fund Newcastle South Locality Area Partnership’ and a further £760 from its budget.

Cllr. Tagg said: “This proposal follows on from the success of a similar scheme at Wolstanton Marsh which was completed last year. It should reassure residents that we are doing everything we can to deter illegal access by travellers to our much-loved open spaces.”

Matthew Ellis, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Staffordshire, has made a £2,000 contribution from the Commissioner’s Proceeds of Crime Fund which supports grant funding secured by borough council officers.

Cllr Tagg added: “We are very grateful for the contribution from the Matthew Ellis and we are working in close partnership with Staffordshire Police on preventative measures we can take in the borough to stop illegal access by travellers.

“The aim is to deter travellers from setting up an illegal encampment again. Not only do the posts act as a physical barrier, they also give the police greater scope to take action for criminal damage if the stumps are damaged by individuals when they trying to access than would otherwise be the case.”

The plans, which can be viewed on the Borough Council’s website, take into account the necessary space required to allow access for emergency vehicles and to protect access for those residents whose properties face on to the open space.

Work on the scheme will start in mid-February.

Detailed plan of proposed timber posts

Detail of Timber posts to be used



Last updated 25 January 2019

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