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Dogs On Leads (list of sites)

This page shows areas around Newcastle-under-Lyme where dogs must be kept on a lead.  
Maps show approximate locations only.

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Sports grounds

Sports grounds and sports pitches: Dogs On Leads

Acacia Avenue - ball games pitch - Knutton

Albert Street - playing fields, ball games pitch  - Bignall End

Alsagers Bank - ball games pitch - Halmer End

Bathpool Park - rugby pitch (bookable) - Kidsgrove

Beech Drive/Hollins - playing fields, ball games pitch - Clough Hall

Birch House Road - football pitch (bookable) - Crackley

Birchenwood Country Park - marked pitches, football pitch (bookable) - Kidsgrove 

Black Bank Road - football pitch (bookable) - Knutton

Bradwell Lodge Park - grassed areas, ball games pitch - Porthill

Chester Road - ball games, football pitch (bookable) - Talke

Chesterton Park - ball games area, ball games pitch 

Clough Hall Park - grassed areas, football pitch (bookable) - Kidsgrove 

Lower Milehouse Lane/Cotswold Avenue - football pitch (bookable) - Knutton

Deans Lane/Talke Road - football pitch (bookable) - Chesterton

Ilkley Place - ball games pitch - Silverdale

Lyme Valley - football pitch (bookable) - Newcastle

Lyme Valley - rugby pitch (bookable) - Newcastle

Northwood Lane - ball games pitch - Clayton 

Palmers Way - ball games pitch - Newcastle  

Pheasant Walk - ball games pitch - Loggerheads

Red Street Community Centre - pitches - Talke Road - ball games pitch - Red Street

Roe Lane playing fields - football pitch (bookable) - Seabridge

Salop Place - football pitch (bookable) - Kidsgrove

Scot Hay play area - ball games pitch - Leycett Road

St. Paul's Road - ball games pitch - Thistleberry

The Wammy - football pitch (bookable) - Knutton

Wharf Terrace/Heath Row - ball games pitch - Madeley

Wolstanton Marsh, Basford Park Road - football pitch (bookable) - May Bank

Last updated 24 October 2017

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