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Updating Dog Controls

New Controls for Dog Owners

We’ve a range of Dog Control Orders which have been in place since April 2013 which we are currently reviewing.


Why are the council’s current Dog Control Orders potentially changing?

Changes to legislation mean that the council’s current controls can only operate until 20 October 2017.  If they are to continue a new Public Spaces Protection Order, also known as a PSPO, needs to replace them.


What EXTRA controls are being proposed?

We're proposing two new controls:

Maximum of Six Dogs

  • A person should not take more than six dogs into certain parks.

Means to Pick Up Dog Fouling,

  • Everyone walking a dog must make sure that they have a bag with them so they can pick up if their dog fouls.


Which CURRENT controls do we propose to keep?

We plan to also keep all four of our current controls:

Dog Fouling

Dog Exclusions

Dogs on Leads

Dogs on Leads by Direction


Find out more

There are more details about our proposals on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Have your say

We would welcome your comments by 3 September 2017. Please complete our survey to tell us if you would support our plans.

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