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Updating Dog Controls

New Controls for Dog Owners

In March 2017 we announced plans to update a range of Dog Controls which had been in place since April 2013.  Having considered the comments made by residents during a consultation in August and September, Councillors have now agreed the making of a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in respect of Dog Controls.

The PSPO will take effect from 21 October 2017 and is planned to run for three years.

Why update the current controls?

Changes to legislation mean that the council’s current controls can only operate until 20 October 2017.  If they are to continue a new Public Spaces Protection Order, also known as a PSPO, needs to replace them.

What's changed?

We're added two new controls:

Maximum of Six Dogs 

  • a person shall not take more than six dogs into: Apedale Country Park; Bateswood Country Park; Bathpool Park; Clough Hall Park; Silverdale Country Park; Lyme Valley Parkway; or, Birchenwood Country Park.

Means to Pick Up Dog Fouling

  • a person in charge of a dog must have an appropriate means to pick up dog faeces deposited by that dog (such as a bag), whenever walking their dog in any public place.

 Penalties have changed:

  • Anyone who breaches a PSPO may receive a £100 fixed penalty or a fine of up to £1,000

What about the current controls?

Our 2013 continue until 21 October 2017 when a PSPO takes their place.  The Order retains the following controls:

Dog Fouling

  • owners must ‘clean-up’ promptly and dispose of waste properly if their dog fouls in any public place

Dogs On Leads By Direction

  • you must put your dog on a lead in any public place when a council official tells you what you need to do and why

Dog Exclusions

  • dogs should not be taken into children’s play areas, tennis and ball courts, multi-sport areas, skate parks and bowling greens

Dogs On Leads

  • dogs must be on at lead in cemeteries, crematoria and churchyards, formal gardens, rugby and football pitches, around certain fishing pools [new], parts of Apedale Country Park and northern portion of Bathpool Park

The following links take you to other parts of our web site which offer more details about the 2013 controls.

Dog Fouling

Dog Exclusions

Dogs on Leads

Dogs on Leads by Direction


Find out more

There are more details about our proposals on our Frequently Asked Questions page which was published before the controls were agreed.

We'll publish a Public Notice in the local press before 21 October.  You can read the draft PSPO in the useful documents which accompany this page



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