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Deposit and Rent Guarantee Scheme

Looking for help to access the private rented sector?

Newcastle Housing Advice manage a Deposit and Rent Guarantee scheme on behalf of Newcastle Borough Council. Whether you are a potential tenant looking to rent in the private sector or a Landlord wanting to let your property with the guidance of NHA and the use of the Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme please contact us for information or look at the information below.

What are the conditions of the Private Rented Scheme for Tenants?

• Applicants must be Homeless or threatened with Homelessness in 56 days and have a local connection to Newcastle under Lyme

• Treat the property, garden and contents well, so as to minimise any claims against the bond

• Ensure that the rent is paid in full (if the  landlord wants to increase the rent it is your responsibility to still pay the rent in full)

• Treat neighbours and the surrounding areas of the property with respect to minimise any anti-social behaviour

• Allow reasonable access to Housing Services staffs, for monitoring purposes

• Inform the Council’s Housing Benefit Section and the Housing Options Officer of any changes in your circumstances which may affect your entitlement to benefits (e.g., if you find employment or decide to move out)

Is the rent going to be affordable?

The NHA Housing Options Advisor carries out financial checks before placing a potential tenant in private rented accommodation. The customer must complete the Income and Expenditure form that is enclosed in the RDGS pack. For households eligible for Housing Benefit, a Housing Benefit trial calculation can show you how much you are likely to get in benefits before you sign a tenancy agreement. 

What happens if a landlord wants a tenant to leave?

In the event of damage, or unreasonable behaviour or simply wanting the property back for personal reasons, a landlord may want the tenant(s) to leave the accommodation. If a tenant is faced with any tenancy issues the NHA service is able to work with them and landlords to avoid a loss of tenancy.

For more information on our scheme or to collect a RDGS application pack, please contact NHA at nha@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk (from 1st April 2021) or visit us at our office.


Last updated 22 March 2021

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