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Keele University Growth Corridor

The maps on this page relate to the Keele University Growth Corridor and illustrate potential future plans for development of the local area as part of the Joint Local Plan.

The Keele University Growth Corridor responds to the Borough’s known and forecast housing needs as well as the ambitious plans set out in last year’s Keele Deal, which identified the opportunities for significant investment at the Keele University campus.

The University Growth Corridor potentially involves accommodating around 1,000-1,200 new homes; 150 postgraduate student apartments and 2-3,000 new high quality jobs, based around the expansion of Keele University (and its Science and Innovation Park) and the redevelopment of the former Keele Municipal Golf Course.

The indicative vision for the area shows how a network of walking routes could be created within both the University campus and the proposed residential parts of the scheme. The planned pathways would link existing copses, water bodies and other natural features to create an attractive walking environment and hedgerows and woodland areas would be retained as part of the larger, natural landscape of the area.

Land has also been set aside to help the university meet its environmental sustainability aims with renewable energy provision on the campus.

The other key feature of the plan is an intention to explore the potential feasibility of establishing a transport hub to improve public transport accessibility and minimise movements on local roads by car.

These maps were used in a free, staffed exhibition held at the Guildhall on Wednesday, 10 October 2019, as part of a series of public engagement and consultation events which are either part of, or feed into, the Joint Local Plan, where members of the public were invited to come along and discuss the plans.

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Page last updated on 18 September 2020

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