Call for Sites

Newcastle-under-Lyme Local Plan

Call for Sites (in connection with the preparation of the Local Plan) 

To make sure we take into account all potential development land we invite submissions from land owners for a wide range of potential sites and uses across both areas. These include: housing, employment, retail, leisure, open space, community facilities and sites for gypsy and travellers. Potential housing sites need to be capable of delivering five or more dwellings and potential commercial sites must be a minimum of 0.25ha (0.62 acres).

*As a guide, one hectare is roughly the size of a football pitch.

The following points are important for all site submissions:

  • The Council will apply a consistent approach to site assessment in line with the SHLAA methodology;
  • Information should be submitted which is relevant to the councils undertaking of a SHLAA site assessment;
  • Information which relates to issues over and above the SHLAA methodology assessment is not required at this stage;
  • There will be further opportunities to submit further, more detailed, site information as the Local Plan progresses, and particularly if a site is subsequently proposed to be taken forward. There is, however, no guarantee of this at this stage.
  • The Council does not want to encourage any extra work or expense now which is over and above the SHLAA site assessment criteria. However, if you want to submit extra information it would be at the discretion of the landowner.

Status of Submitted Sites

There are absolutely no guarantees that any site put forward as part of the Call for Sites will be allocated for development in the Local Plan.

A submitted site has no formal planning status, other than its current allocation or designation, or if it already has planning permission for development. This would only change if:

  • it was formally allocated in the Local Plan as a location for some form of development; and
  • following the submission of a planning application it was granted planning permission before the adoption of the Local Plan.

A site owner or prospective developer is still entitled to seek planning permission for development of a site before the Local Plan land allocations are eventually decided upon, whether or not the site was submitted under the Call for Sites exercise.

Finally, any sites allocated for development in the Local Plan would still need planning permission before development could take place.

Call for Sites Submissions

The Council has yet to make any decisions about whether these sites should be allocated as future development locations in the Local Plan. Once such decisions have been made, they will then be subject to public consultation, a legal requirement when preparing a Local Plan. There will be an opportunity for comments to be made should a site be considered for allocation at a later stage of the Local Plan preparation process. At these times, the public will be able to support or object to development and site proposers will have the right to either support or object to the inclusion or omission of their site(s) in the Local Plan.

Relationship with Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

It should be noted that the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment includes sites that have been submitted through a Call for Sites exercise.  

Last updated 25 February 2021

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