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Off-Campus Students

We welcome all students to Newcastle-under-Lyme and hope you will help us recycle as much as you can while you live here.

Did you know?

On average each student produces 1.5 tonnes of rubbish during a three-year degree course. That’s a lot of waste! A large proportion of this can be recycled. This page is intended to help you sort your rubbish from your recycling. 

Find out when your collection day is - Collection Date Finder



Household rubbish week

Recycling week

Picture shows Garden waste, Household waste wheelie bins and a Food Caddy  Picture shows Blue Wheelie Bin and Blue Bag and a Food Caddy


Household rubbish in the black bin: 

Collected fortnightly.

This bin is for non-recyclable waste

Present your black bin for collection by 6am on the collection day and return it to your property as soon as it is empty.

Put your bin out last thing at night before collection day to ensure it is emptied. Just don’t forget to bring it in again – we charge £25 to replace a lost or stolen bin. 

Extra household rubbish will not be collected. Excess household rubbish can be taken to a local household waste and recycling centre also known as ‘The Tip’.


Collected fortnightly.

Recycle plastic bottle, pots, tubs and trays, cans and tins, glass bottles and jars in your blue wheelie bin. Use your blue bag for paper and card.

Don’t forget to recycle shampoo and shower gel bottles from your bathroom. If everyone in the UK recycled one bathroom cleaner bottle, enough energy could be saved to vacuum around 82,460 homes.

Food Waste:

Collected weekly on the same day as your bins. 

Collect food waste in the indoor silver caddy. Put food waste out for collection in the green caddy.

Cut food waste and save money. Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for yummy ideas and top tips on cooking cheaper meals. Don't forget to use your food waste caddy for your leftovers!




Meat and Bones


Tea bags and coffee


There is no limit to how much recycling we will accept, as long as it is presented correctly on the right day. 

If you need another bin or bag for recycling you can order online. There is a delivery charge for extra bins and bags.

Garden waste:

Ask your landlord if you are subscribed to the garden waste collection service. 

Moving out?

Picture shows The Great Donate iconRecycle your unwanted items and help others. If you have any food, kitchen equipment, clothes or anything else that could be reused, donate to The Great Donate! Contact Keele SU for details. 




Contact Emmaus, a local charity for free collection of reusable bulky items like beds or sofas. 

We teamed up with Keele University SU to create the Good Neighbour Guide. Get your copy here.

Volunteer to take part in a community litter pick here.

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Last updated 14 August 2020

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