Food Waste

*  Food caddy liners … update!

We are waiting for a big delivery of food caddy bags, but are very low on stock at the moment. If we run out, we won’t be able to leave you any.

Any kind of bag is ok to line your caddy – a pedal bin liner, online shopping wrapper, carrier bag or any other kind of bag you might have lying around. If you can reuse an old bag – even better .

Please bear with us and carry on using the service – it’s the best way to turn your old food waste into new food!

Thank you for your patience.

Putting food waste in your kitchen bin with everything else means that it covers everything in smelly food waste, and you have to empty your kitchen bin more often. Leaving food waste in your rubbish bin for 2 weeks between collections means the bin always smells and that’s never nice, especially in the summer. The food waste service gives you free hygienic liners for your caddy, and the weekly collection means you can get rid of it all quickly and easily.

Yes   No
Leftovers Meat and bones Food packaging
Eggs and dairy Tea bags and coffee Liquids
Bread  Fruit and vegetables Oil or fat
Fish Ready meals  


We keep your food waste service easy to use by providing free caddy liners. Whenever you get near the end of your roll of lines, tie one to your green caddy handle and we’ll leave you a new roll. You can always use a carrier bag if you run out, or tie one of those on the handle instead.

  1. Line your caddy with one of the free liners supplied and put your food waste in it.  If you’d rather use your own indoor container that’s fine – do whatever works for you.
  2. Whenever you need to empty your caddy, tie the top of the liner and put it in your green outdoor caddy.
  3. Remember that the caddy on your green food waste caddy locks when pulled down against the front of your caddy.  Please put your caddy out by 6am each week on your usual collection day

If you don’t have a silver kitchen caddy or a green outdoor caddy, you can order them here. We’ll deliver them with a roll of liners so you can start recycling your food waste straight away.

Your food waste is sent to an Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant in Staffordshire where it is broken down to produce bio gas, a renewable source of energy.  The bio gas is used to generate electricity which is exported to the National Grid.  Another by-product from recycling food waste is bio-fertiliser, which is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium required for healthy plant growth and fertile soil.  This is used to grow more food!

Recycling food waste helps the environment in lots of ways.  It means that the resources which grew the food can be turned into useful energy.  Did you know that recycling 8 banana skins using your food caddy produces enough electricity to boil your kettle?  The compost it produces replaces fossil-fuel based fertilisers when more food is grown.


Last updated 4 October 2021

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