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We aim to provide residents with a high quality and reliable service, leading to good levels of satisfaction.  Please use the services fully in order to prevent problems at your property or for your neighbours.  If you need to provide us with information, please choose from the links below.  We’ve provided some examples of the sorts of issues which each form is for.  

We value each comment and use them to help us design services and shape policies.   If you have a comment or idea about our services and how to improve them (such as container sizes or types, vehicle sizes, policies which Elected Members have approved) please let us know. This is carefully monitored and the contents are reviewed by service managers, but we may not respond directly to your comment. Use our online form to make a complaint, comment or compliment.

If the quality of your collection has caused you inconvenience because our crews have been thoughtless or inconsiderate, then we are very sorry.  We will investigate and try to put things right as quickly as possible.  Use this Quality of Service online form. Please let us know about issues such as containers being put back blocking your drive causing an obstruction or being returned to the wrong property, crews causing litter, not wearing high-visibility clothing or driving inconsiderately, or streets looking messy when crews have made collections.  We’ll respond to you directly within 10 working days.

Occasionally very serious incidents happen which fall substantially below the high standards residents and the Council expect of collection services.  We encourage residents to report these complaints so that we can investigate thoroughly and take appropriate actions.  Make a complaint with this online formPlease tell us as much detail as you can if you have witnessed serious crew misconduct such as offensive language, dangerous driving, brawling, heated arguments with residents, rudeness, offensive behaviour, containers being thrown across the road, apparent drunkenness/drug influence.  We will always apologise fully where such incidents happen, and do what we can to improve.  We’ll acknowledge your complaint within three working days, and most complaints receive a full investigation within 20 working days.



Last updated 12 August 2020

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