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Swimming is a great way for people of all ages and abilities to have fun, relax, compete, get fit, stay active and feel great. Being able to swim can help save lives and can give you the confidence to enjoy other water-based activities.

What's available at our swimming pools?

We provide a wide range of activities across nine swimming pools, including:-

  • learn to swim
  • adults learn to swim
  • general and family swimming sessions
  • aqua fitness sessions

Admissions policy

Our admissions policy ensures a safe environment for all customers

  • Children aged eight years and under need one adult to supervise one child.
  • Children aged four - seven years need one adult to supervise two children.
  • Children aged over eight are able to use the pool unaccompanied however any child who is not a confident swimmer must be supervised regardless of age.

Pool Programme (Term Time)

click here (PDF 110Kb) for the pool programme Saturday 22 April - Friday 26 May

click here (PDF 500Kb) for the pool programme Saturday 27th May - Friday 2 June


Swimming lessons

Swimming is a life skill and one day could save you or your child’s life, so start your child’s journey with us from an early age.

Our Learn to Swim programme is delivered by fully-qualified ASA teachers who will use games and fun techniques to take your child through their aquatic journey, from their first splash to fully-competent, confident and safe swimmer.

Pre-school swimming

Suitable for children from three years old, pre-school swimming lessons are full of games and fun to continue building your child’s confidence in water and will start to teach water skills. These sessions are a great stepping stone to Swimming Lesson Stages 1-6.

Children Swimming Lessons Stages 1-6

Through this progressive programme we will teach your child a wide range of skills which will result in them becoming a confident and competent swimmer.

Your child will be continually assessed and will receive ASA Awards for completing certain skills and demonstrating ability. For more information about each stage please see the tables below:

Stage 1

Your child will gain water confidence and a love of the water through games, whilst being taught the foundations of swimming without even realising it! By the end of this stage swimmers will be confident in the water, be able to propel themselves in a variety of directions and jump in.

Stage 2

The great range of equipment we will be using will provide interactive, fun and enjoyable lessons for your child. By the end of this stage swimmers will be able to swim five metres unaided on their front and back.

Stage 3

Your child will look confident and show their love of being in the water by now. The building blocks to swimming all four competitive strokes begin in Stage 3. By the end of this stage, swimmers will be able to swim 10 metres confidently, demonstrate an understanding of all four strokes and perform a range of skills from push and glides, sculling, treading water and picking objects up from the pool floor.

Stage 4

Your child will perform breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl over at least 10 metres. They will be able to perform 10 metres of basic butterfly leg kick and complete a length of sculling. This stage also progresses the already-learnt skills needed for learning to dive. Swimmers completing this stage will now move onto swimming lengths.

Stage 5

Your child will now be swimming lengths and honing in on the basic strokes already learnt to turn them into efficient strokes. Water safety, although taught throughout the programme, is brought to the fore in Stage 5 with a focus on open-water safety skills. Forward and backward rolls are a great fun element within this stage, which form the beginnings of learning starts and turns. On completion, swimmers will effortlessly swim 25 metres plus in all three competitive strokes and 25 metres butterfly leg kick with a wave-like motion.

Stage 6

Your child will be taught to perform all their strokes quickly, efficiently and effectively, following the ASA assessment criteria. Your child will then go on to learn mini-polo skills, synchronised swimming skills and take on obstacle courses. On completion, swimmers will not only be confident but also strong enough to take part in many water based sports. You will see the difference in your child during this stage as their water fitness really starts to improve.

Adult Lessons

If you are an adult looking to learn to swim, improve your strokes or build your confidence to get back in the water to enjoy your holiday with the children/grandchildren then we can tailor lessons to achieve your goal.

Our ASA Level 2 qualified teachers will support and guide you through your swimming journey whatever your level. We can do this by offering:

  • Helping to combat nervousness and build confidence
  • Beginners and improver lessons
  • Private one-to-one lessons
  • Swimming stroke and technique lessons
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