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Risk and Insurance

Insurance claims

Making a claim against the council

If you are a solicitor enquiring about the council's insurance details and have a portal ID for employers liability and public liability claims, the Council's current appointed insurance claims handler is Travelers Insurance Ltd.

Legally represented claims occurring from 28 February 2016 onwards, on Claim Notification Forms (CNFs) should be submitted via the portal. The portal ID is: C00157

Any accidents prior to 28 February 2016, on Claim Notification Forms (CNFs) should be submitted via the portal with ID: D00019

Pavement trip/pot-hole damage

If you wish to make a claim against the council for injuries caused by a pavement trip, or pot hole damage to your vehicle on the public highway the claim should be made in writing. Give the date, nature and cause of the accident and the location - such as the address of the property outside which the accident occurred. Please also include photographs of the accident location. The letter should be addressed to:-

Staffordshire County Council Highways
Number 1 Staffordshire Place
ST16 2LP
Email: highways@staffordshire.gov.uk stating Area 6 as the subject.

Where a pavement trip or vehicle damage involves a contractor or public utility such as gas, electricity or water, please contact them directly as they are responsible for their own insurance arrangements.

See the list of useful documents relating to insurance information for Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council.


Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council identifies the objectives, priorities and projects that it wants to achieve during each financial year.  It delivers these through normal work procedures and using risk management as a tool to help with future planning of actions to achieve these aims.

This work is supported by the Chief Executive and Leader of the Council.

A signed copy of the Risk Management Policy Statement can be found in the useful document section, which explains what the Council will do.

Last updated 20 August 2020

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