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Constitution of the Council

The following are the sections that make up the Council Constitution 

Part 1 Summary and Explanation (PDF 140Kb) 

Part 2 Sections of the Constitution (PDF 230Kb)

Section 1    The Constitution
Section 2    Members of the Council
Section 3    Citizens and the Council
Section 4    The Full Council
Section 5    Chairing the Council
Section 6    Overview and Scrutiny Committees
Section 7    The Executive (the Cabinet)
Section 8    Regulatory and other Committees
Section 9    The Standards Committee
Section 10  Locality working
Section 11  Joint Arrangements
Section 12  Officers
Section 13  Principles of Decision Making
Section 14  Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters
Section 15  Review and Revision of the Constitution
Section 16  Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution

Part 3 Responsibilities

APPENDIX 1           Responsibilities of the Council, its Committees and Sub‑Committee (PDF 90Kb)

                                        ANNEX 1 – Council functions (PDF 260Kb)
                                        ANNEX 2 – Terms of reference (PDF 105Kb)

APPENDIX 2           Responsibilities of Cabinet and Members of the Cabinet (PDF 75Kb)

APPENDIX 3           Responsibilities of Scrutiny Committees (including call in procedure) (PDF 70Kb)

APPENDIX 4           Responsibility for functions (including Scheme of Delegations to Officers) (PDF 50Kb)

                                        DELEGATIONS - General instructions (PDF 90Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Building Control May 2014 (PDF 60Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Environmental Health and Licensing May 2018 (PDF 225Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Highways May 2014 (PDF 65Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Housing May 2014 (PDF 55Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Human Resources May 2014 (PDF 50Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Leisure and Amenities September 2017 (PDF 75Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Miscellaneous May 2014 (PDF 75Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Planning May 2018 (PDF 60Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Property May 2014 (PDF 75Kb)
                                        DELEGATIONS - Resources May 2016 (PDF 90Kb)

APPENDIX 5           Not used

APPENDIX 6           Not used

Part 4 Procedure Rules

APPENDIX 7           Procedure Rules for Council meetings (PDF 120Kb)

                                       ANNEX 1 – Rules to ensure political balance (PDF 8KB)
                                       ANNEX 2 – Rules of debate and accompanying flowchart (PDF 115Kb)
                                       ANNEX 3 – Appointment and dismissal of senior officers (PDF 90Kb)

APPENDIX 8           Procedure Rules for Cabinet (PDF 80Kb)

                                       ANNEX 1 – Budget and policy framework procedure rules (PDF 150Kb)

APPENDIX 9           Procedure Rules for Committees and sub-committees of Council (PDF 75Kb)

                                      ANNEX 1 – Employees’ Consultative Committee – constitution and function (PDF 80Kb)

APPENDIX 10          Procedure Rules for Scrutiny Committees (PDF 60Kb)

                                      ANNEX 1 - PROTOCOL for Scrutiny Review Working Parties (PDF 140Kb)
                                      ANNEX 2 - Call in flowchart (PDF 55Kb)

APPENDIX 11          Access to Information Rules (PDF 202Kb)

                                      ANNEX 1 – Record of executive decisions made by individuals (PDF 10Kb)

APPENDIX 12          Contract Procedure Rules (PDF 505Kb)

APPENDIX 13          Financial Regulations (PDF 760Kb)

APPENDIX 14          Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption Framework (PDF 215Kb)

APPENDIX 15          ICT Strategy (PDF 165Kb)

APPENDIX 16          Not used 

Part 5 Codes and Protocols

APPENDIX 17          Role of Councillors (PDF 140Kb)

APPENDIX 18          Members’ Code of Conduct and register of interests (PDF 260Kb)

                                             ANNEX 1 – Seven principles of public life (PDF 200Kb)
                                             ANNEX 2 – Social networking guidance notes Appendix A – blogging quick guide (PDF 235Kb)
                                             ANNEX 3 – DPI form (PDF 230Kb)
                                             ANNEX 4 – Dispensations process Appendix A – accompanying form (PDF 230Kb)

APPENDIX 19          Employees Code of Conduct (PDF 190Kb)

APPENDIX 20          Protocol on Member/Officer Relations (PDF 115Kb)

APPENDIX 21          Members’ Protocol on Planning Matters (PDF 75Kb)

APPENDIX 22          Public participation in planning (PDF 180Kb)

APPENDIX 23          Protocol on gifts and hospitality offered to Members or officers (PDF 90Kb)

APPENDIX 24          Whistleblowing Policy (PDF 120Kb)

APPENDIX 25          Councillor Call for Action Protocol (PDF 90Kb)            

APPENDIX 26          Communications Strategy (PDF 4.6Mb)

APPENDIX 27          Petition Scheme (PDF 45Kb)

APPENDIX 28          Mayoralty Code of Practice (PDF 345Kb)


Part 6  Members’ Allowances Scheme (PDF 235Kb)


Part 7  The Council's Management Structure (PDF 25Kb)


Last updated 2 October 2018

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