Maximum of 6 dogs to be walked by any person at one time

We believe that if a person walks more than 6 dogs, they will not be able to keep them all under proper control. It also increases the risk of dog fouling going unnoticed or not picked up. 

This order applies to: 

  • Apedale Country Park 
  • Bateswood Country Park 
  • Bathpool Park 
  • Clough Hall Park 
  • Silverdale Country Park 
  • Lyme Valley Parkway 
  • Birchenwood Country Park 

If an offence is committed for exceeding 6 dogs, offenders may be issued with a fixed penalty notice or receive a fine of up to £1,000 from a magistrate for not complying with the order.

Contact a dog warden

If you have a concern about dogs or our dog control orders, please contact the dog wardens for advice. We aim to respond to you message within 3 working days.