Places where dogs can’t go (exclusions)

Where does this control apply to?

Children’s play areas

These are fenced areas with children’s play equipment such as a slide or swings. These areas are designed for young children, who may be intimidated by the presence of a dog. Play equipment may also potentially injure a dog.

This applies to all children’s play areas.

Games and sport areas

Games areas, such as tennis and ball courts, multisport areas, skate parks. These are enclosed sites, usually for older children or adults, which are designed for a specific purpose, such as:

  • tennis courts
  • skate parks
  • bowling greens
  • fishing pools (please check signs from the angling club)

If the area is in use, a dog may disrupt its use or there may be a chance of it being injured. Certain activities can excite dogs and can result in them acting unpredictably.

This applies to all enclosed games and sport areas.

Apedale Country Park

Some parts of Apedale Country Park are specifically managed for nature conservation and some areas have livestock. Dogs are excluded from the following key locations:

  • lapwing paddock - to protect ground nesting birds
  • hornbeam paddock one and two - for the safety of livestock
  • conservation/pond dipping area adjacent to visitor/energy centre, off Blackbank Road
  • conservation/pond dipping area adjacent to Apedale Heritage Centre, off Loomer Road

Each of these sites is fenced and a sign will be displayed at entrances to the site.

Dogs on leads controls also apply to some areas in the park. In total these cover only a small portion of the site. In all remaining areas, dogs can be exercised off the lead, but remember that fouling controls still apply.

Open space owned by parish and town councils

In addition to open spaces we own and maintain, there are a few other places which are owned and managed by parish councils. Parishes set their own rules about how spaces can be used. We have a few sites where, for the benefit of other parishioners, it's felt that dogs should be excluded.

Examples include:

  • Harrison Close playing field, owned by Audley Parish Council
  • Whitmore Village Hall sports field owned by Whitmore Parish Council

Contact a dog warden

If you have a concern about dogs or our dog control orders, please contact the dog wardens for advice. We aim to respond to you message within 3 working days.