Putting a dog on a lead

Asking for dogs to be placed on a lead

We have a dog control in place called ‘dogs on leads by direction'. This control requires dogs to be placed on a lead when requested to do so by an authorised officer.

This control means that we can reduce the number of locations where dogs would otherwise always have to be walked on a lead. For example, we may ask dog walkers to place their dog on a lead if attending a fun day event in our parks. At other times dogs may be exercised off the lead.

Who can enforce this control?

Officers such as dog wardens, park rangers, police officers and PCSOs can tell dog walkers to put their dog on a lead if they feel it is necessary for the safety of the dog or to safeguard others. If you fail to follow their instructions, they can issue a fixed penalty notice.

Where does this control apply to?

This applies to all public places. It includes, but is not limited to, all footpaths, the footways and carriageway of every road (including tree bases and grass verges) and every cemetery, park, public garden, children’s play area and open space including land owned by the borough, parish and town councils.

Why might a dog owner be asked to place a dog on a lead?

Reasons why officers may ask for a dog to be placed on a lead:

  • if the dog is acting aggressively
  • the owner is unable to keep the dog under proper control
  • if attending events where there are large numbers of people and other dogs
  • to protect wildlife and livestock

Contact a dog warden

If you have a concern about dogs or our dog control orders, please contact the dog wardens for advice. We aim to respond to you message within 3 working days.