Putting a dog on a lead

Places where dogs must be always on a lead

We have a dog control in place where dog walkers must keep their dog/s on a short lead (no longer than two metres) at all times, when they walk it in certain places.

Where does this control apply to?

Churchyard and cemeteries

In many cases we feel that dog owners should be able to take their dog into/through these areas, provided it is kept under control. Keeping a dog on a lead is a mark of respect and minimises the risk of accidental damage to floral tributes, or urination on headstones.

This applies to:

  • Bradwell Crematorium
  • all churchyards
  • all cemeteries
  • all closed churchyards

Formal gardens

We welcome residents with dogs to our formal parks but ask that dogs are placed on a lead when walking through the planted areas.

This applies to:

  • Queen Elizabeth Park (Pool Dam)
  • Queen's Gardens (Ironmarket)
  • Chesterton Park
  • Clough Hall Park
  • Oaklands Park, Porthill (this is to minimise the risk of injury to waterfowl)

Marked out sports grounds, and pitches

Because of the way these grassed areas are used, it is essential that they are kept as clean and safe as possible. Unfortunately, we continue to find that some residents allow their dogs to foul these areas and then do not remove the waste. We consider this unacceptable.

While we have chosen not to ban dogs from these areas, we ask that they are placed on a lead when on a marked-out football or rugby pitch.

This applies to all sports grounds and marked-out pitches in the borough.

Playing fields containing unfenced children’s play equipment

In most cases where we have play equipment for young children, it is contained within a fenced area. We believe that dogs should be kept away from the play equipment itself, and those using it. However, where play equipment does not have a fence surrounding it, we would ask dog walkers to place their dogs on a lead when they are within 20 metres of it.

This applies to all children’s play areas.

Apedale Country Park

Some parts of Apedale Country Park are specifically managed for nature conservation and some areas hold livestock. Dogs need to be kept on a lead in the following places:

  • Whitebarn Paddock
  • nature area off Blackbank Road

Please note: dog exclusions apply to some areas in this park.

In total, these areas only cover a small part of the park. In all remaining areas, dogs can be exercised off the lead.

Bathpool Park

Dog owners should keep their dog on a lead in the following areas:

  • along the main access path. This path runs from the car park at Boathorse Road close to the children’s play area and rugby pitch, to the bridge by the reservoir embankment and along the eastern side of the reservoir, close to the railway line. This is a busy thoroughfare used by cyclists and families with young children
  • any of the sports pitches
  • near the pool if there are anglers fishing

Please note: dog exclusions apply to the children’s play areas in the park.

In total these cover only a small part of the site. In all remaining areas, dogs may be exercised off the lead.

Public footpaths 

Dogs must be kept on a lead or under close control on public footpaths, especially those which cross farmland. Staffordshire County Council marks these with a sign on the footpath marker post.

This applies to:

  • Kidsgrove 130 to the reservoir embankment 144
  • 146
  • 182

Open space owned by parish and town councils

In addition to the open spaces we own and maintain, there are a few other places which are owned and managed by parish councils. Parishes set their own rules about how spaces can be used. We have a few locations where, for the benefit of other parishioners, they feel dogs should be kept on leads.

This applies to:

  • Alsager's Bank playing fields
  • Bignall End Road/Tibb Street public open space
  • Queens Street/Deans View playing fields
  • Scott Hay playing fields
  • Jubilee Gardens
  • Fair Green Road
  • Waters Edge Estate

Fishing pools

Please check signs and directions from angling clubs at the fishing pool.

Contact a dog warden

If you have a concern about dogs or our dog control orders, please contact the dog wardens for advice. We aim to respond to you message within 3 working days.