Putting a dog on a lead

Places where dogs can be off the lead

You can still let your dog off the lead in parks and open spaces. We know it's important for dogs to have places where they can run about and socialise with other dogs.

Dogs can be off the lead in large areas of most public parks such as:

  • Brampton Park
  • Clough Hall (apart from the formal gardens)
  • Lyme Valley
  • Bathpool (apart from certain areas)
  • Apedale (apart from certain areas)
  • Bateswood
  • Birchenwood
  • Wammy
  • Wolstanton Marsh

However, owners are still required to clean up if their dog fouls - so they must make sure they can always see their dog.

Contact a dog warden

If you have a concern about dogs or our dog control orders, please contact the dog wardens for advice. We aim to respond to you message within 3 working days.