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Born To Move

What is Les Mills BORN TO MOVE™?
BORN TO MOVE™ is a series of movement-based classes that motivate young people to fall in love with physical activity. There are BORN TO MOVE™ classes for five different age groups. Each class uses action and dance to build fundamental physical skills, confidence and self-esteem.

We at JUBILEE2 are on a mission to work with Les Mills to create a fitter Borough and we’re passionate about helping young people establish healthy patterns and realize the importance of keeping active throughout life. So we have brought on this great youth fitness programme: BORN TO MOVE.

So why not bring your child down to try out a class which we run at the below times. We would love to get your feedback on the best times and days for these classes so we can make BORN TO MOVE as accessible as possible for our members.

BORN TO MOVE 4-5yrs – Mondays | 4:15pm – 5pm | Studio 2
BORN TO MOVE 6-7yrs – Wednesdays | 4:15pm – 5pm | Studio 2
BORN TO MOVE 8-12yrs – Thursdays | 4.15pm – 5pm | Studio 2

Your child can wear anything they are comfortable moving in and any sports shoe/trainers. For all age groups, parents/guardians are asked to remain outside of the studio during the class; ultimately the children will find it easier to settle if the instructors can build a safe relationship inside the class.

What does a BORN TO MOVE class look like?

4 – 5 years

A fun, captivating class allowing pre-schoolers to explore how their bodies move while immersed in an imaginative world. The music is written with instructions woven into the lyrics so children can listen, follow and sing-along. Their instructor will lead children through the class as they explore the potential in their movement, learning to dance, hop, jump, and hold their balance while they explore the ocean, visit outer space or even become a pirate! A great opportunity for children to listen, follow and make friends in an exciting and friendly environment.

6 - 7 years

A wide variety of movements help children to learn key skills such as balance, coordination and endurance. Disciplines such as martial arts and dance will help to develop their motor skills and help to build their overall physical ability. We've also included games so they learn the importance of team work, communication and mutual respect. The short tracks add plenty of diversity meaning this age group will remain engaged. We've mixed recent chart music with especially composed tracks and included enough repetition so they really have the time to understand and learn the movements.

8 - 12 years

This session gets children fitter and faster and it builds their overall strength and agility. These classes incorporate eight different styles of movement which adds variety and helps improve rhythm, focus, physical proficiency, strength and balance. There is a big emphasis on how children feel rather than how they look and games help them develop social interactive skills, meaning they're more confident and competent kids. The key to this class is having fun and nurturing a positive attitude towards movement.


Last updated 6 January 2017