850th anniversary business opportunities

Top tips

Top tips for using the 850th anniversary to benefit your business:

  • take advantage of the promotional opportunities afforded by our Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship packages
  • offer in-kind support to the celebrations
  • use the event to run team bonding activities or charity fund raisers for example:
    • quizzes based on the monthly themes or the 850 years of history
    • a 'dress-up' day based around a particular decade or a theme
  • retail/food and drink/town centre businesses - use our 850 years of history to showcase your business on social media, for example:
    • hair and beauty salons - recreate period hair and make-up e.g. the 1960s beehive or Georgian style make-up, complete with beauty spot
    • clothing retailers - take advantage of the town’s connection to the hatting industry or use current stock to create a period style window display
    • charity shops - use stock to create a period window display, which could change every month to fit in with the monthly themes
    • cafes, bars and restaurants - create a period menu, name dishes after some of our 'Fascinating Folk', for example the Mitchell Martini or Brindley bacon butty. To all our micro-breweries, why not create an 850 beer?
  • commercial and manufacturing businesses - use our 850 years of history to showcase your business on social media, for example:
    • manufacturers - make use of the connection to the fabrication of ironmongery (which gives rise to the street name Ironmarket in Newcastle town centre) or use other famous people associated with the area such as James Brindley, Samuel Bell and Reginald Mitchell as the basis for regular tweets and posts
    • engineering companies - use the likes of James Brindley, Sir John Cadman and Reginald Mitchell as the basis for tweets and posts, particularly in November, the month particularly dedicated to science and engineering
  • start-ups and micro-businesses - use our 850 years of history to showcase your business on social media, for example:
    • make use of fellow entrepreneurs and pioneers from our history in tweets and posts, for example Faulds, Astley, Cooke, Samuel Bell (first and only pottery factory in the borough and patented agate ware), William Steers (said that he made the first porcelain in the country, but was unsuccessful in his application for a patent). Please note: if you wish to create a product related to the 850th anniversary, please contact us first
  • if you have any events planned for next year, talk to us about arranging a speaker or themed entertainment to add an 850th flavour to the event. We, in conjunction with partners such as Appetite, have a wide range of contacts who could attend the event
  • add links to the event programme or specific activities to internal and external newsletters to promote the area as a thriving place. Remember to include any activities you will be running, for example a quiz night.

Whether small or large, all events your business decides to run should be notified to us so that we can celebrate your activity.

Activities on social media should use the hashtag #NuL850