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News about Action over Landfill Quarry Concerns

Action over Landfill Quarry Concerns

Residents who experience noxious odours which they say are coming from the Walley’s Quarry site in Silverdale are being asked to record any incidents and then let the Borough Council know about them.  

A public meeting was held at Knutton Community Centre last week where representatives from Staffordshire County Council and the Environment Agency (EA) met with people living near the site to hear their concerns. 

The Environment Agency has been monitoring the site to gather scientific evidence but now the Borough Council is going to carry out its own investigations to support the action. 

Cllr. Trevor Johnson, the borough’s Cabinet member with responsibility for environment and recycling, said: “Walley’s Quarry is a landfill site so it is not entirely unexpected that there could be some issues with odour. Complaints from local residents are nothing new and we have been listening. 

“The Council has been working closely with the EA while it has carried out tests on the site to clarify and actually prove that the smells are coming from there and we will continue to do that. Now, we are also asking residents to record any incidents to help us build up some further evidence. We particularly need to know how the smells affect residents’ quality of life and whether the use and enjoyment of their home is affected.

“Any incidents of alleged odours coming from the site can still be reported to the Environment Agency, of course, but residents can also get in touch with officers here at the Council and we will work with them to build a case so that we can take appropriate action where we can.”

Residents who experience problems relating to Walley’s Quarry can call the Council on 01782 717717.

You can also report your landfill concerns online.

Last updated 26 February 2019