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Council Leader Simon Tagg

Annual Council meeting postponed due to lockdown restrictions

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council has postponed its Annual Council meeting until later in the year.

The meeting, due to take place on the 13 May, has been put on hold due to the continuing lockdown restrictions in place in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

While temporary regulations have enabled Council committee meetings to take place remotely, using video conferencing during lockdown, the leaders of all the political groups have agreed to postpone the Annual Council for up to three months in the hope that the Council will be able to hold that meeting in the traditional way, with at least a quorum of members present in the same room.  

It is hoped, as measures to ease the country out of lockdown fall into place over the coming months that the decision to postpone the meeting until later in the year will allow the Council to carry out the business of the Council, such as the annual Mayor Making and appointments to Council committees, at a later date.

Leader of the Council, Simon Tagg, said: “We have held a number of successful committee meetings, such as planning, licensing and Cabinet, using online video conferencing since the lockdown began and they have worked extremely well in the current highly restricted circumstances.”

“Virtual meetings continue to enable important decisions to be made with the interaction of councillors and some public participation. But, we recognise that meetings such as Annual Council are different because it usually requires all 44 councillors to be involved.

“There is cross party support from the political Group Leaders that while that meeting can’t be postponed indefinitely, we should wait a little longer to see if there will be any relaxation to the lockdown requirements which would let us hold our Annual Council meeting in a more traditional way. We will of course keep the situation under review.”

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