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App Helping to Turn Down the Level of Noisy Neighbours…

A FREE mobile ‘phone app is helping hundreds of Newcastle residents to turn down the volume on nuisance neighbours and enjoy a quieter life…

The Noise App makes it easy for those affected by excess noise to submit a formal complaint to the Borough Council’s Environmental Health team for investigation.

And it has already led to a number of successful prosecutions, using evidence captured by the software.

The app enables a user’s iPhone or Android device to make a recording of the noise, which can then be sent direct to the Council, along with a brief description of the problem.

“This supplements, rather than replaces, our existing methods of monitoring noise nuisance reports, and means that we can now receive evidence of a complaint almost instantaneously,” said Environmental Health Team Manager Darren Walters.

“We are then able to listen to the recordings made via the app, and prioritise cases a lot quicker.”

Loud music recorded by neighbours using the Noise App at a block of Newcastle flats recently led to the successful conviction of a woman resident, following the confiscation of sound, television and other equipment by Council officers, after she ignored a noise abatement notice.

The woman was subsequently fined £530 at North Staffordshire Justice Centre.

 “The Noise App proved instrumental in this and other cases, and we now have more than 300 individual users who have downloaded it,” added Darren.

“Magistrates have reviewed evidence obtained via the app, which has helped us in obtaining warrants from the courts to seize noise-related items from premises where there have been breaches of legal notices.

“It is also helping to free up valuable police resources, which have often previously been otherwise taken up in looking into noise nuisance complaints.”

To find out more about the Noise App, to download it or to complain about noise, visit: