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Changes to the waste and recycling service due to the impact of Coronavirus

Residents in Newcastle-under-Lyme will see changes to their waste and recycling collections as a result of the initial impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The council is bringing in the changes, including not collecting food waste in a separate container, in order to maintain the overall service for as long as possible.

Cllr Trevor Johnson, Cabinet member responsible for environment and recycling, said: “We are doing all we can to maintain operations across all of our collection services.

“Our staff, key frontline workers as waste collection is vital for public health, are doing the best they can under extreme circumstances. Reduced staffing numbers, due to the impact of Coronavirus locally and the need for some of our staff to self-isolate, has led us to making these temporary changes.

“We ask all our residents to understand why we’re doing this and to please work with us to make sure the overall waste collection service can continue.”

For residents, the changes from next Monday, 30 March, is as follows:

  • Your garden waste bin will no longer be collected on the opposite week to your household rubbish bin. As a temporary measure the Council will collect both garden waste and household waste bins on the day that you usually put out your household rubbish bin. The council will send a different vehicle to empty each bin, but they will not both be emptied at the same time.
  • The unprecedented situation may mean that at some point we may only be able to empty your garden waste bin by taking your garden waste to the waste-to-energy plant to generate electricity, rather than compost it. This will enable the Council to collect the garden waste for composting for as long as possible, without residents needing to do anything different if the situation worsens.

Also from Monday 30 March, the Council we will need to make two significant changes to the recycling service, in order to maintain collections.  This includes:

  • No textiles/clothing or small electrical items.  These should be put into the household waste bin, unless residents can store them until the resumption of normal services. 
  • We will collect all the other recyclable items together and send them for sorting elsewhere, rather than have crews sort them at the kerbside.  

We will keep all residents updated on any further changes we may have to introduce as the situation evolves. 

Please Note If your garden waste collection was due w/c 30 March your collection is delayed by a week, and should be put out with your household rubbish bin  w/c 6 April.  If your garden waste collection was due w/c 23 March your collection is delayed by a week, and should be put out with your household rubbish bin  w/c 13 April. 

Information about Coronavirus and the recycling, food waste, household rubbish and garden waste subscription services.




Last updated 27 March 2020

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