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Click to Find Your Polling Station

Residents can search for where they need to cast their vote with a new online polling station finder introduced by the Borough Council.

Voters simply put their postcode into the checker and within seconds the system will confirm the location they should turn up to on 3 May to have their say.

The system is a back-up to the polling cards which have already been sent out to homes across Newcastle-under-Lyme. The Council has set up the polling station search facility on its website.

John Tradewell, the acting Chief Executive who is also the Returning Officer, said: “There are quite a number of changes taking place with the Borough Council’s elections this year.

“All the council seats are being contested at the same time in May instead of the usual system of electing councillors 20 at a time; the number of elected members is going down from 60 to 44 and they will be representing 21 wards instead of the previous 24.

“In addition, there has been a review of polling stations and this means some people may see a change in the place where they have to go and vote. This information is already on the poll cards we have sent out but we thought an online search is a quick and simple way for people to double check things for themselves.”

The online polling station checker can be found on the home page of the Council’s website under the “Your Council” section or via the elections pages.

Meanwhile, voters are being reminded that midnight on Tuesday, 17 April is the deadline to register to vote. Apply online at - it takes just five minutes.


Last updated 16 April 2018