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Council Hears about Landfill Concerns

The process of considering concerns from residents and businesses about a landfill site in Silverdale is moving forward again from today.

The Council has restarted a scrutiny inquiry into the operation of Walleys Quarry Landfill after a short delay due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Complaints have been raised with the Council about odours believed to be coming from the site which is operated by RED Industries RM Ltd and regulated by the Environment Agency.

The Council has set up a scrutiny review working party to provide a forum where all interested parties can make representations to elected members. It will consider views from a range of stakeholders and use these to inform a report to the Council’s Economy, Environment & Place Scrutiny Committee.

The working party – appointed by the scrutiny committee to handle the review – will conduct its meetings on Zoom due to the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions. Three virtual meetings are planned to hear representations from all key stakeholders, the first of which takes place on 12 August involving a range of community groups, representatives and local businesses.

A second session will be scheduled to hear from the regulatory bodies including the Environment Agency, the Council’s Environmental Health department and the County Council’s planning department which gave permission for the landfill site. RED Industries will be invited to attend a third session to answer any questions from the panel and to make any representations.

The working party will carefully consider everything it has heard and produce a report containing any recommendations it is able to make. Members carried out a site visit in February just before the country was placed in lockdown due to Covid-19.

Cllr. Andrew Fear, chair of the scrutiny review working party, said: “The Council has received many complaints about Walleys Quarry during the past year or so and our role is to investigate these further, with input from everyone who is involved in the site. Unfortunately the working party’s work was interrupted by lockdown but I’m pleased to say that it’s now in a position to proceed thanks to the use of video technology.

“The scrutiny process will be fair and transparent, allowing an opportunity for all concerned to make their voices heard. The aim is for councillors to come up with recommendations for consideration by Full Council by the end of the year.”

The Environment Agency has monitored the site to gather scientific evidence, and the Council has also carried out its own investigation in light of the complaints.

Initial findings have shown that while smells have been detected, the issues raised do not meet the threshold for statutory nuisance abatement action to be taken by the Council.

Residents who experience problems relating to Walleys Quarry can report issues online or call the Council on 01782 717717 as well as the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

Information on how to observe the virtual meeting will be available at

Last updated 5 August 2020

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