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Council Leader urges all to Shop Local

As the high streets and towns across the borough start to reopen the Council Leader is calling to action all residents with a message to “Shop Local”.

Simon Tagg, the Leader of Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, said: “The lockdown has had a massive impact on the local economy in Newcastle, as it has in other places. We now need to help local businesses back on their feet.

“During the lockdown many of us turned to local providers who stepped into the breach to prevent shortages and to provide home deliveries. Many of them quickly adapted to providing an online or take-away service for their products. This has given us a new insight into local businesses and how they can innovate to support us.

“The lockdown has also shown us how important some of our other local businesses are to us. We almost took them for granted before, I think: barbers, hairdressers, our local pubs, cafes and restaurants to name but a few.

“They have sacrificed their businesses over an extended period to support and keep safe the communities of our borough and beyond. Now, we need to show them that we will nurture them as they try to rebuild.”

“I want to encourage everyone, wherever possible, to spend their hard-earned money with local businesses, in our town centres at Newcastle and Kidsgrove - or one of the many local shopping areas in the borough - and whether that’s for food, items for the home or a much-needed and missed service such as having your hair cut. Without that support our independent local businesses may not come through this and that would be a bad thing for all of us, for our local economy and our jobs.”

To back this call to action, the Council has compiled a web-based directory of local businesses, detailing how they are adapting their services to make sure that both their employees and customers stay safe and enjoy their shopping experience. Here’s a link: and if you want to register your borough-based business in the directory, you can use this link:

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