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Picture shows Pink tag for removal of Garden Waste Bin

Council to Remove Unwanted Garden Bins

Residents who do not want to keep their garden waste bin are being given the chance to have them collected by the Borough Council.

Whilst more than 20,000 households have now signed up to the chargeable collection service introduced this year, some people have decided to make alternative arrangements for disposing of their garden waste.

Now, the Council has said if gardeners are not planning to join the paid-for service in the future - and they have no other use for the brown-lidded bin - it will be collected from their properties.

All people have to do is make sure their unwanted garden waste bin is empty and put it out on either of their normal household rubbish collection days in September. Collections will take place across the borough every week during next month.

A contract has been agreed by the Council with a company which will take in all of the unwanted bins at no cost to the authority. 

They will then recycle the plastic to make brand new bins - some of which could even be used in the borough in future!

A bright pink tag will be placed on household rubbish bins on their last collection day in August. This will let people know that if they want the Council to remove the brown-lidded bin it will be done on one of their two normal household rubbish collection days.

The removals will be done by a separate team who will come along after the normal refuse bins have been emptied.

As well as the bin tags alerting people to the project, the Council will also be promoting the collection of the unwanted garden waste bins on its website – and through its social media accounts to make sure that those who do not want to keep hold of the bins have them taken away.

Cllr. Trevor Johnson, Cabinet member for environment and recycling, said: “We understand some people don’t want to subscribe and we also understand why some households may not have an alternative use for their brown-lidded bin. So for those people we are arranging to collect the unwanted bins in. 

“There will be two opportunities in September for people to get these garden waste bins back to us and so I would encourage everyone who doesn’t want to hang on to this particular bin to make sure it is out for collection.”

Did you know?

  • Around six out of every 10 councils across the UK now charge to collect garden waste.
  • There has been no increase in fly-tipping in the borough since the chargeable garden waste service was launched.
  • Residents can share a bin - and the subscription costs - with a neighbour.
  • Garden waste can be taken to the county council’s recycling centre at Leycett and disposed of for free or it can be put in the normal refuse bin.
  • There is lots of information on the Council’s website about home composting as an alternative way to dispose of your garden waste – .

Last updated 15 August 2019

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